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COVID-19 Customer Update

A A MacMillan Plumbers are open for business for all your essential plumbing repairs and maintenance.

For the safety and well being of all parties when visiting your property we will wear protective safety equipment. Including face mask, disposable rubber gloves and shoe covers.

A A MacMillan Plumbers

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  • Plumbing Repairs & Renewals
  • Emergency Service
  • Free Estimates
  • Pre Fixed Prices
  • High Quality Work
  • Small Jobs Welcome
  • 1 Year Written Parts & Labour Guarantee
  • Fully Insured
  • Prompt Reliable Service

A A MacMillan Plumbers were established in the year 2000 and are a small family business. We work primarily in the field of plumbing repairs and emergency plumbing.

The work that we undertake is always completed to the highest of standards in any given circumstance.

We offer a no quibble written 1 year parts and labour guarantee on all of our work.

When you employ A A MacMillan Plumbers you can be sure that your plumbing work will be carried out by a highly skilled, well motivated professional trades person, who will always treat you and your property with respect.

A A MacMillan undertake the following types of work

  • Non urgent plumbing maintenance repairs & renewals
  • Urgent emergency plumbing repairs

Non Urgent Plumbing Maintenance Repairs & Renewals

When you call A A MacMillan Plumbers, we will ask you for;

  • Your name and contact details
  • Information regarding the type of plumbing repair or renewal

We will then book you in for a suitable day and time to assess your work. For customers living in East Kilbride, Newton Mearns, Clarkston, Thorntonhall, Netherlee, Waterfoot, Eaglesham, Busby, Giffnock and Carmunnock; we offer free estimates and no call out charges during normal working hours.

On the agreed time and date the plumber will assess your work and give you a pre fixed price. There is no obligation to accept this price and no charges will be made if you decline the quotation.

We are happy to take bookings in order to assess work in the early evening, as we realise there are many households working throughout the day. We will also undertake smaller jobs in the early evening if this suits the customer’s circumstances better.

We try our utmost to leave enough time for each booking, however, due to the nature of our work; we cannot always guarantee to arrive on time. If we’re running late from a prior engagement, we will telephone to keep you informed and to arrange a new updated time of arrival. As a rule of thumb, the morning bookings are less likely to be running late than those booked for later in the day.

Work will be either completed there and then on the day, or will require parts to be ordered and the work completed at a later agreed date.

Payment is due to A A MacMillan Plumbers immediately on the mutually satisfactory completion of works. We politely request payment by cash or bank transfer.

On payment, customers are issued with a written 1 year parts and labour guarantee, which also acts as a receipt of payment.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Emergency plumbing repair work is handled in exactly the same way as non urgent work. However, we do not offer free estimates or call out service for out of hours emergency work. Details of the relevant call out charges can be viewed on our out of hours Emergency Plumbing page.

For bookings & further information

Please call – 01355 570606

Open Monday to Friday – 8am to 8pm

A A MacMillan Plumbers

8 Swift Place

East Kilbride

G75 8RT

Plumber East Kilbride - A A MacMillan Plumbers rebuilding & repairing a close coupled toilet cistern
A toilet cistern in Stewartfield, East Kilbride, being rebuilt with a new syphon and close coupling kit.

Taps – Every household has at least a few taps. You may just need your tap rewashered or a new valve fitted, whatever your issue A A MacMillan Plumbers supply, fit and repair all types of taps including kitchen taps, bathroom taps and outside taps. Whether your tap is dripping, leaking, loose, noisey or just not working at all. Give us a call and we will take care of it. 

Kitchen Taps – We repair and replace all types of kitchen taps including monobloc mixer taps, pillar taps, deck mixer taps and bridge mixer taps. We supply and fit a limited range of quality kitchen taps. We are also happy to fit taps that our customers have bought and chosen themselves.

Bathroom Taps – A A MacMillan Plumbers repair and renew all types of bathroom taps including basin taps and bath taps. We fix and supply basin taps, monobloc mixer basin taps, bath taps, bath filler taps, bath shower mixer taps and bath bridge mixer taps. We are pleased to fit bathrooom taps that our customers have purchased themselves.

Outside Taps – We supply high quality outside tap installations using copper pipe and high quality brass fittings throughout. A “cheap” outside tap installation may be an attractive proposition at the time, nevertheless, it can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Why not save yourself a lot of grief, stress, disappointment and expense by getting the job done properly in the first instance.

Toilets & Cisterns – Toilets are fine when they’re working, but when they’re not they can be a real source of anxiety.  A A MacMillan Plumbers repair and replace all types of toilet pans and cisterns including ceramic cisterns and pans, close coupled toilets, concealed cisterns and low level toilets. Perhaps your WC doesn’t flush, is overflowing, constantly running, or it’s taking ages for the cistern to fill? Maybe it’s making strange noises, leaking when flushing, or leaking all the time? Whatever the problem, we are experts in repairing toilets and cisterns, just give us a call and we will get it fixed for you.

Leaks – Water leaks can be a real cause of worry and concern. Major water leaks are a plumbing emergency that have to be attended to immediately. However in the bigger picture, they’re usually a storm in a teacup. In reality it’s the small leaks that have the potential to be far more of a problem, if these leaks go undetected or are simply ignored they can cause terrible long term damage to a property. Small water leaks underneath a kitchen sink or from a defective seal around a bath are examples of this. Overtime such leaks can have the potential to rot through timber flooring and joists. If this constant leakage were to happen upon a timbered ground floor, it could also create the perfect environment for a woodworm infestation. It is always best to get plumbing leaks attended to sooner rather than later.

Burst Pipes – Bursts in pipes always happen for a reason. A burst pipe could simply be down to frost damage during a severe winter, causing the water supply pipe to split or totally come adrift from its fitting. Frozen burst pipes are almost always an occasion to call out a reputable emergency plumber. Another common cause of burst pipes are plumbing installations that were not fitted properly in the first instance. This could be due to the pipework being cut undersized before fitment, being left unsupported, or assembled in a haphazard manner with unsuitable or poor quality fittings. A A MacMillan Plumbers are experts in the repair of burst pipes. We will not only fix your existing pipework, we will alter it if necessary, to make sure that the same problem doesn’t occur again in the future.

Overflows – In your average domestic plumbing system overflows can occur in several different parts of the system. Overflows often present themselves as a drip from a small pipe located outside on an exterior wall. This pipe is normally from a toilet cistern or combination boiler. Larger diameter pipes coming out through the loft fascia boards are from water storage tanks. Sometimes these drips come and go and sometimes they are constant. However, all of them are useful warning signs telling you that something isn’t right with your plumbing system and that it needs attending to.

Blockages – A A MacMillan Plumbers clear straightforward localised blockages in sinks, basins, showers, baths and toilets. Blockages can take on a variety of different forms and will present themselves for different reasons. We will of course clear your blockage, however, if necessary we will also endeavor to identify and offer to rectify any existing problem that could be a contributing factor to the cause of the blockage. A slow draining sink, basin, shower or bath can soon turn into a completely blocked one. It’s much easier to clear a partially blocked sink, basin, shower or bath than one that is completely blocked. If any of them are slow running you could try using a plunger and running very hot water down them for a period of time. Alternatively, you could pour some suitable drain clearing chemicals down the drain and leave them overnight, before rinsing them through with very hot water the very next day.

Kitchen Sinks – Whatever plumbing problem you may have with your kitchen sink we can help to sort it out. It could be that your kitchen sink mixer tap is dripping, leaking or loose, or perhaps it’s an issue with your sink waste overflow that’s causing you concern? Underneath just about all kitchen sinks is a myriad of piping, hoses, valves and connections. These can include supply pipes to the kitchen sink taps, hoses and valves to washing machines, connections for outside taps and drainage waste pipes. More often than not, the mains water stopcock for the entire property is also located under the kitchen sink. With so many different plumbing fixtures and fittings situated in and around the kitchen sink it really is a major hub of plumbing activity, so it’s little wonder that there’s a huge potential for all manner of plumbing problems. Whatever issue your kitchen sink plumbing has, whether it’s leaks, blockages, slow drainage, faulty taps, leaking or seized valves, bad smells, burst piping, whatever it is, just give us a call and we will get the problem solved.

Baths – A A MacMillan Plumbers carry out many plumbing repairs to bathroom baths. The most common calls regarding plumbing problems with customers baths are faulty taps, leaks and blockages. Taps that only give out a small trickle of water are very frustrating if you want to run a bath in a short time, as are taps that constantly dribble and drip. If you have a shower over your bath this can also be a cause of leaks, especially through defective silicone seals around the edge of the bath. This problem can be greatly aggravated if the bath hasn’t been installed properly and it moves about whenever a person stands in it. Another common source of water leak problems are defective combination bath waste overflow assembly’s. On many occasions the overflow pipe and rose fitting aren’t connected properly to the bath and this causes leakage when the bath is filled right up to the top. If you have a faulty bath waste it will leak every time you empty the bath. Badly connected waste pipes, traps and fittings are also a fairly common reason for plumbing system leakage underneath the bath. Baths that block often and that are very slow to drain away could well be suffering from poorly installed waste piping. If this is the case it’s best to remove the bath panel so that the issue can be investigated further. 

Basins – Bathroom basins come in all shapes and sizes and have all sorts of problems that require plumbing repairs from time to time. Faults with basin taps are always a popular reason for customers to call us out. These can range from dripping basin taps, or taps that provide little no water, to loose taps and leaking taps. Sometimes it’s problems with the pop up waste mechanisms that are combined within monobloc basin mixer taps. Basin wastes can also cause a fair bit of grief, with click wastes getting stuck in the closed position. It has to be said, life was much simpler when everyone just used a rubber plug! Anyway, taps and wastes are very common plumbing repairs when it comes to bathroom basins. Leaks and blockages are also regular complaints. Whatever your bathroom basin plumbing problem, why not give A A MacMillan Plumbers a call and we will be sure to sort it out.

Wastes – We replace a lot of wastes. Wastes are the part where the plug gets inserted in a kitchen sink, bathroom basin or bath. There are many different types of wastes, some come with overflow assemblies and some do not. You can get wastes with plugs and chains, pop up wastes, clicker wastes, basket strainer wastes and few more besides. A fairly decent quality waste properly fitted will last much longer than a cheap one that’s been bodged in. Kitchen and bath wastes are infamous for falling apart with little or no warning. Sometimes they are just worn out, other times they were never right from the word go and were always going to fail sooner rather than later. So there we have it, if your bath, basin or sink starts to flood every time it drains, there could very well be a good chance that you’re needing a new waste fitted. If so, why not give A A MacMillan Plumbers a call.

Valves – In the average domestic plumbing system there are a large number of different valves. Many of which work away unnoticed, quietly in the background. No one is really interested in the domestic plumbing valve, it’s not like your phone or TV, in fact they command about zero out of ten in the attention grabbing stakes; until they start to malfunction, then for a short period of time they become centre stage. What are these valves and what do they do? Well the most common ones include the mains stopcock, which is arguably the most important valve of them all. This valve really has to work when it’s called into action, without its proper function the householder could be in real trouble. Other valves are isolating valves for taps and toilets, float valves for tanks and cisterns and other more exotic valves such as non return valves and pressure reduction valves. This is by no means an exhaustive list of valves, but the point is all these valves can develop faults of one sort or another and at some time will require to be repaired or replaced.

Pipework – Inside every home there’s a network of plumbing pipes that supplies fresh water and disposes of waste water. From time to time this network of piping will require to be altered or repaired. Most plumbing pipework systems are fairly robust and can handle a fair bit of wear and tear. Nevertheless, faults can and do occur, whether it’s down to deterioration through old age, frost or accidental damage, poor quality materials or workmanship. We are experts at repairing and replacing damaged sections of plumbing pipes and always use high quality pipes, fittings and materials. Pipework alterations can often be for remedial work, where an initial plumbing installation has been done to such a poor standard that the most viable course of action is to rip it out and start again. More often than not pipework alterations are a small but necessary accompaniment to other plumbing work that is being undertaken at the same time.

Water Storage Tanks – With the rise of the combination boiler, water storage tanks are not nearly as common as they once were. Until recently, there were usually three different types of water storage tank within the average domestic property. In the loft there would be the main water storage tank for freshwater supply and by its side there would be a small feed and expansion tank that topped up the central heating system as and when required. Downstairs in a cupboard somewhere you would find the hot water storage tank. As said, there are many properties today in which these tanks no longer exist. However, there are many households that still have all or part of this type of plumbing system in use. A A MacMillan Plumbers have a wealth of knowledge in the repair of these types of plumbing systems.

Washing Machine & Dishwasher Installation – We install washing machines and dishwashers into existing plumbing, we also alter pipework and add valves to enable a first time installation of these appliances. We plumb in both freestanding and integrated machines. Badly installed washing machines and dishwashers are far from uncommon and make up a very large part of our remedial rectification work. It’s perhaps unrealistic to expect a delivery driver to fully unpack and install a machine in under a quarter of an hour and expect a top notch job at the end of it.

For bookings & further information

Please call – 01355 570606

A A MacMillan Plumbers

8 Swift Place

East Kilbride

G75 8RT

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