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This is a before picture of a very old leaking hot water cylinder from a house in Eaglesham. We were initially called out on an emergency basis on the Saturday night, to stop the leak from going down stairs to the kitchen below. We achieved this by stopping the water from entering the tank and draining off the remaining water from within the tank.
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The after image shows the replacement tank that we supplied and fitted later that week. It is high quality, heat efficient, UK manufactured cylinder. All the brass fittings and copper pipe work were also of high quality UK manufacture. This installation should give our customer many years of trouble-free working service.
STA40044 (1)
A new high quality UK manufactured immersion heater was fitted to the new tank and was rewired with new heat-resistant flex. This water heater provides a useful back up in the event of any problems or break down of the main heating system boiler.
STA40057 (1)
Toilet cistern fill valves can cause a few problems. Common amongst them are; they wont stop filling, they take for ever to fill, or they become exceptionally noisy. This valve fell into the later category. It was in an en suite bathroom of a property in Lindsayfield, East Kilbride and the constant noise was driving the residents crazy during the night.
STA40059 (1)
The solution was to fit a top quality quiet fill valve, seen here on the right hand side of the after picture. The screeching cistern noise has now been eliminated and the residents are now enjoying, not only a fully functioning toilet, but also a good nights sleep.
STA40126 (1)
The hot tap in this old shower mixer in a house in Clarkston was barely working. We stripped the tap valve down, cleaned, greased and fitted a new washer. Now it’s working as it should and the resident is again able to enjoy a nice hot bath or shower.
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People spend a small fortune on a kitchen refit and sadly, all too often, they get saddled with a waste plumbing “system” similar to the one shown in the picture above. For starters, the fittings themselves are really cheap and nasty. However, to compound matters further, the waste water from the left hand sink has to travel uphill to reach the drain and the dishwasher hose to the right is slung so low, it allows dirty waste water to drain into the dishwasher every time the sink is drained. To top it all off, the waste piping leaks like a sieve every time the sink is drained.
STA40141 (1)
The after picture shows the complete replacement of the waste pipe system. The customer opted for mid price waste fittings which were leagues ahead of the cheap rubbish that had been “fitted” previously. The sink now drains as properly and should give many years of trouble-free service. A waste system re pipe is not a glamour purchase, it hasn’t got the “wow” factor, nevertheless, it is critical to the safe and efficient discharge of waste water.
STA40130 (1)
As part of the re-pipe work the above picture shows the sink cleaned down in preparation for the fitting of new quality basket strainer wastes. The previous, cheap, inferior quality, defective and leaking wastes have been removed and binned.
STA40139 (1)
The after picture with the new high quality basket strainer wastes fitted and tested. The customers of Stewartfield, East Kilbride were very pleased with the work as the previous kitchen sink plumbing waste system had been causing concern for a few years. The waste piping had “already been repaired a couple of times” by other plumbing companies, “but the repairs never lasted long, we were throwing good money after bad”.
STA40144 (1)
The following pictures are of emergency plumbing work, undertaken in Ballerup Village, East Kilbride. The customer had unfortunately and very unluckily nailed through a central heating pipe, when attempting to put up a mirror in their downstairs cloakroom toilet. First we carefully cut out a section of plasterboard to access the pipe.
STA40148 (1)
The next stage was to repair the pipe with a brass compression fitting and fit internal support battens to enable the accurate refit of the plasterboard section that we had previously cut out.
STA40156 (1)
The above image shows the refitted plasterboard, which has been filled and marked off with the position of the pipework. The customer will now be able to safely fit their mirror and cover the repair with a coat of paint.
STA40061 (1)
The image above is of a cold water tank that sat upon the metal frame. This set up was housed in the kitchen cupboard of a flat in Brancumhall, East Kilbride. If you look at the top right of the tank you can see an eruption of rust, the tank was leaking at this spot and was at the end of its useful working life.
STA40063 (1)
As you can see, the inside of the tank was extremely corroded.
STA40064 (1)
The solution to the problem of the rusted out tank was to connect the rising mains water pipe directly to the old cold feed from the tank. We also fitted a new fill valve to the bathroom toilet cistern as the existing fill valve would have been unable to cope with the increase in water pressure.
STA40070 (1)
The pipework alteration was undertaken using highest quality UK manufactured copper pipe and fittings. As illustrated in the above image, the pipes are secured to the wall with sturdy brass fittings. The customer benefited from not having to replace the tank, now enjoys fresh drinking water in the bathroom and has gained usable cupboard space.


STA40098 (1)
The above image is of a small basin in a downstairs toilet of a house in Whitehills, East Kilbride, before removal. There’s nothing wrong with it, the customers just wanted to freshen the toilet up with a more modern looking unit that afforded some storage space.
STA40105 (1)
To fit the new unit we had to alter the waste piping and fit a new trap. We also altered the feed pipes and fitted screwdriver operated isolating valves. The carcass of the unit also had to be cut to suit the pipework and to enable a flush fit around the skirting boards.
STA40101 (1)
The basin unit newly fitted.

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